Basics of a Tropical Decorating Theme for Your Home to Stand Out in a Crowd

A tropical decorating theme is gaining in popularity because of the variety of home décor ideas that are chic and elegant. Tropical beauty is vibrant yet beautiful and those preferring this type of décor look for warmth, coziness, comfort and a touch of exotic. It has a style inherent with fresh appeal and touches of traditional. The theme focuses on mingling texture and intricate pattern with simple details and few large accessories.

The tropical theme furniture flaunts rattan and cane furniture. Upholstered furniture which is great to look and comfortable too is a necessity in a tropical themed room. Neutral tones like beige, ivory, tan and deep brown are the base of a tropical theme room and interior. The stress is on going for natural colors and natural look with nothing synthetic added to it. No matter what you select you must keep these basics in mind:

  • Long parallel lines depict a casual look apart from adding to the restful mood while taller essentials like plants or screens or artworks display a grander scale.
  • Fabrics are soft and rich while neutral chenille’s are just right for the most important upholstered pieces.
  • Wood furniture along with wood flooring complements the room décor. Light wood may be used and accessorized with dark tables and lamps.
  • The main motifs used would be jungle decorating theme where animal designs feature prominently.

Most tropical theme décor use animal skin patterns designs such as zebra stripes or leopard prints and also animal images of lions, monkeys, and elephants, etc. Common motifs include stylized palm trees, large banana plants, animal prints, rattan leather and grass cloth.

The living and family rooms also sport this décor. Window coverings exhibit bamboo and match stick blinds or plantation shutters. Wicker and rattan in natural shades are materials for cornice bowls, wall coverings, folding screens and ottomans.

The flooring is usually hard wood though stone and tiles may also be used. The hard flooring is strewn with natural sisal rugs. Light fixtures lend a class to your room while table ware including natural colored stone and glass ware are accessorized with wooden bowls, bamboos and baskets.

The artwork is better highlighted when the color scheme of the room is pale gold, ivory, brown and green. The affordable tropical décor is highly popular and sought after. Decorating in tropical chic style is just perfect and there is no dearth of ideas in tropical decorating theme.