Ceiling Fan Lamp Lighting Combines Utility with Beauty for Beautiful Interiors

The concept of ceiling fan lamp lighting has come a long way since the days of the punkha when manual labour was used to pull the strings of the fan hanging from the ceiling. It did not have blades but consisted of long rectangular flapping piece of cloth fixed to a light frame pulled by strings. But when electricity replaced manpower the whole design changed. Whirring blades replaced the flap flapping of the punkha.

Today lamp lighting ceiling light being fixed to a whirring fan is something quite new. No longer are ceiling fans plain white going round and round to cool the room. Fans of today are trendy keeping in tune with the décor of the home. Lights are being fixed to the dome of the ceiling fan to give the effect of a chandelier and bring back vibrations of a bygone era. The first thing a person entering the room notices is the ceiling fan with light.

With attention being drawn to the fans, ceiling fan lamp lighting has come into vogue. Some are made in such a way that the whole look is antique while others are Victorian. Some of the colours are bold and bright and there are many options to choose from.

Ceiling fan lighting is bringing about great changes in the fan industry. Some fans have the lamps fixed while in others the customer has the option of picking and choosing. Bringing light is necessary in working zones like the kitchen or the study but relatively less light will suffice in the bedroom and dining area. A dimmer can be installed to control the intensity of the light as well as the fan.

Ceiling fan light wiring needs to be done separately but the technique is not too complicated. The important part is the relation between the type and size of the room with the fan.

Big rooms require large fans ranging from blade sizes 56” to 72”. The down rod length must be in parity with it and note should be made of the slope of the ceiling. For rooms measuring 15’ x15’ the best option are fans measuring 52” to 56” For rooms smaller than this it is best to buy 38” to 48” models. 24” to 34” are best for cubicles.

The fans come with light-kits that may be upright to give indirect lighting or down-light for general light effect. Utility and beauty are so much entwined together that it is difficult to say what ranks first. The lights comprise of either a single dome or of clusters. The numbers of blades vary from three to five and so do the shapes and colours. Ceiling fan lamp lighting has made the lamp and fan industry brightly whirring.