Cowhide Rugs For A Contemporary Decor

Cowhide rugs can add a sense of elegance to any given space. Being hypoallergenic, they are suitable for all types of spaces within a home ranging from bedroom, children’s room, living room and many more. They go extremely well with transitional and contemporary decors and add a unique touch to any home. These rug offer multiple uses and can be placed to complement the furniture and decoration of any space in a home.

Cowhide rug are extremely popular as they lend a unique appeal to the overall decor of a room. They possess numerous distinct features which makes them the favourite in home decor items. One such feature is the hypoallergenic quality. Due to this unique quality, the hide-rugs are deemed suitable to be placed in children nurseries or rooms or any other place in the home. They are available in a variety of patterns and colours and may hence be chosen to complement the decor of your home.

The various rug are tanned with chromium. This makes them durable and can hence they can last for years. Due to their durability they are considered desirable for any home. The various types of Chevron rugs tend to retain their beauty for years even when placed in areas that experience high traffic. These rugs are child friendly and pet friendly. In case of spills, these rugs can easily be cleaned using a damp sponge. These rugs also resist dust accumulation and any dust can easily be removed by shaking the rug.

Natural and contemporary carpets

While choosing carpets for a contemporary decor, it is advisable to choose the ones that match the uniquely designed furniture pieces and accessories. While most contemporary accessories are expensive, various types of made to measure rugs are quite affordable. Since these carpets are available in various patterns and hence it is advisable to choose carefully unique ones that complement the decor of the home.

The natural coloured cowhide carpets are available in various shades. The natural shades make them well suited for contemporary decors. Geometric rugs in natural shades of white, tan and black can suit any type of decor ranging from transitional, contemporary and modern decors. Grey coloured cowhide rugs are the latest trend and can be very well combined with various types of contemporary style furniture. The shade is subtle and can give a unique appeal to any space.

There are various ways to decorate a home with various types of cowhide carpet. Patchwork-rugs can be used in various spaces of the home. They can be used in bedroom, living area, foyer, bathroom and children’s room. Hanging a chandelier above the rug can significantly enhance its appeal.

Contemporary decors in homes provide numerous opportunities to use natural and unique accessories like cowhide-rugs to enhance the appeal of the home. These rugs can add an artistic touch when placed on the floor. Many people also prefer to use them as pieces of wall art. They also look unique when draped around various furniture pieces like chests, trunks and tables. Due to their versatility, many people also prefer to use them as bed coverings for an authentic look.


Cowhide-rugs are available in various patterns and designs. They can effectively be used in a number of spaces. Due to their versatility, they are generally suitable for various types of decor.