Different Types of Shabby Chic Furniture

Retro style furniture is very common and popular nowadays. Its increasing demand has raise its worth and production. This is not less than good news to the old grandma and grandpa as their old furniture now sells in a great price.

Moreover people who were once fed up of their old furniture and wished to replace it are now proud of it. They proudly invite their friends to their home and feel privileged to show their furniture with broken corners and scratched paints. This style of furniture is known as shabby chic furniture.

It’s not only a certain occasion where you can use it, you can use it at your home, office , wedding hall, church or even hospital. It is a universal interior style that can adjust with almost every ambiance that you create. Whether it is a wedding, a graduation party, or a professional formal business lunch, it goes with every occasion. Here are some best places to place your antique furniture.


Home is the best place to try. You can place that huge, wooden, heavy Victorian style furniture in your home. Other than the furniture, you need to work on paints, curtains, the floral decoration and many more. It is the rough style of interior so the more you let it free, the more it will look natural. Use soft but cool shades like ash green.

Decorate the window panels, put flowers and indoor plants around your bathroom and kitchen as well. There are a lot of vintage accessories and home decor items available out there in the market. You can explore the online stores as well to get your desired one. You do not need to call and designer to make you a design. The beauty of this style is that the more it will be rough, the beautiful it will be.


It is the place where shabby chic furniture is mostly used. Churches are all about benches and candles and yes mirrors as well. We know that all these items look great in vintage style. They add a royal ambiance to the place. You can find antique candle stands and mirrors to place around church.

You can get beautiful Victorian benches that will definitely make it look like a legendary landmark. The old is the church, the great it looks. This style will create an antique yet royal ambiance which will attract people towards it.


A restaurant is something that never goes in loss. You can start it at your home as well ad than depending upon the profit and earning, you can extend it. We know that this is the place where appearance matters a lot. People with different personalities and thought of mind come here to spend some time enjoying the meal.

The shabby chic furniture will help you attract more customers as it will create a great ambiance to sit inn. People will love that old yet romantic environment while listening to the soft background music and enjoying the food with their loved ones.