How To Perfect A Vintage Home Decor Without Overdoing It

Let’s not randomly pick old things, and call it vintage. Whether you go for flea market shopping or auction houses, let’s be reasonable with not just the age, but also the value, use of the objects into your lifestyle. So based on the perspective of modern lifestyles to have a classic old world charm, here are some great ideas that may work for just about anybody and any kind of a house, or even mobile van for that matter!

Vintage Wall Tiles

You can buy these from old auctions, really old tile shops, brands that have a special Victorian or classics collection. Whatever be your source of acquiring the precious squares, make sure that you get it at a limited expanse. Flooring is one thing; but when it comes to walls, you should better learn to mix and match it with a basic tile, instead having the tiles all over. The contrast makes it more attractive, and to the point. And tiles can be really challenging at times, for you won’t want to end up in the situation when the area meant to be a focal point of your house, to feel like a Bathroom. Think kitchen backsplash, a part of an accent wall, or just decorating the entrance area.

Vintage Rugs

These are a collector’s item, and if you already have a Kelim Rug or Oriental rug to your possession, you can use to give your home some vintage warmth, and there are plenty of other ways than using it as just a floor covering. You can mount it on the wall, as a display art, significantly as a bedroom headboard, or a backdrop in the living room.

Vintage Furniture

It’s good to have furniture that looks, good, but it’s best to have furniture that you need, to look good. A refurbished peace of wooden and marble table from Victorian eara, can excuisitely compliment yoru living space. However, if you feel like adding more and more furniture, from console tables to coat hangers, there is a fair chance for you go to overboard. So don’t go overboard, even if you can afford it.

End Note Of Wisdom

The key to enhance any theme for your home, or private spaces is to not let it get confused with your clutter. So the essential rule of the thumb is to have things that we can work our spaces with, and prevent from buying things that look beautiful on the store shelves. Don’t end up in the expensive fallout with your idea, feeling time-trapped in a home that looks like a museum. And of course, consider the extent of cleaning and maintaining each item.