Making Your Home More Natural With Rustic Decor

Deciding on the style of decor for your home or office can be a daunting task. There are many popular styles available, all of which are unique and interesting in their own way. However, no matter the style that you decide upon, you will want to stay within the bounds of that style, to keep from causing your home or office to look cluttered or chaotic.

Rustic decor can add a homey feel to any office, or a simple warmth to any home. This kind of decor focuses heavily on nature, of sorts. Most wall decor will feature some kind of wood, either in their framing, or sometimes in the designs themselves.

The bedding and drapes are most often done in warm colors like darker greens and reds, with a rich brown undertone. Cream and beige colors compliment the dark, rich tones nicely and add some depth and light to an otherwise dark palette.

When it comes to rustic decor the piece that most often ties a room together, and is sometimes the most difficult to find is the lighting. Whether it is a chandelier hanging in the middle of the room or sconces upon the wall, lighting pieces in this decor style often draw a visitor’s eye when they enter. There are many style options when it comes to finding the right lighting for your home or office. Some will choose a lamp, often with wooden carvings of animals to sit on a table and act as a conversation starter. Others will choose a chandelier. Chandeliers with individual lamp shades and antlers have become very popular as of late, and add a classy touch of down home charm to any room. The biggest choice when deciding upon antler chandeliers is deciding if you want authentic antlers, or reproductions. While it is a matter of personal preference, even the most discerning eye will not be able to tell the difference.

Wrought iron and wood make up the majority of the furniture choices when it comes to rustic decor. You will see lots of cedar, hickory and aspen log wood when it comes to things like bed posts, side tables and even larger pieces like cabinets and TV stands. When it comes to choosing the right wood for your home or office, it really comes down to preference. Aspen log is a very light blonde in color, while hickory is a much darker, richer brown.

Accent pieces can make all the difference in your room’s decor. Whether it is a wooden carving of a black bear sitting beside a hand carved chess set, or a winter’s scene painted on the doors of a set of cedar cabinets, these little touches can bring a room together, and make it feel complete. When deciding on an accent piece, it is often easier to choose your ‘center piece’ first and build your room around it. This makes it easier to find wood that corresponds, as well as to get things like matching draperies and bedding if necessary.

Leather is sometimes a part of rustic decor, but it often times depends upon the person. Some feel that it takes away from the natural feel of the room, while others think that it ties in with the theme nicely. Either way, the decision is ultimately yours.