Master Bedrooms – An Oasis from a Hectic World

Master bedrooms should be the one place you can seek out peace and quiet…a place to take an adult “time-out.”

More than any other room, bedrooms evolve to reflect your personality and lifestyle. When two people share the same space, there are two different personalities to take into consideration. Understandably, this often leads to differences of opinion. There is one word that comes to mind when decorating master bedrooms…compromise!

One doesn’t want ruffles, flowers or pastels. The other says no plaids, paisleys and dull solid colors!

Unless someone throws up their hands and yells, “Do whatever you want!” you’re going to have to compromise.

Is your preferred style formal or casual?Many times stalemates arise simply because you don’t know where to begin the project. So before you start discussing fabrics and patterns and whether or not to replace furniture, ask the following questions:

  • What is your definition of serenity?
  • Does the room need to feel larger or cozier?
  • Warmer or cooler?
  • Is it too bright or too dark?
  • Are there colors or furniture styles one of you definitely opposes?

Make a list of the essentials needed in your personal haven. You are the one that defines what those “essentials” are. However, to do so, you need to determine if the master bedroom serves more than one purpose?

If yes, what additional purpose?

  • a reading nook?
  • TV space?
  • a small space for a computer or an entire home-office?

The answers to these questions will help narrow your choices and start your “essentials list.”

Once you have answered these questions & made your list, the creative process begins.

Choosing colors is always a great place to start. Color is a key element in any room’s décor, but color choice is very important in bedrooms.

It is a proven fact that colors evoke emotional responses in people. Therefore, particularly in a master bedroom, it’s important to choose colors that make you both feel comfortable.

At this point, you don’t have to choose which color will be used the most or even where it will be used. Just select two or three colors to work with.

If you feel strongly about one color, you could go with a monochromatic color scheme.

Why is color choice so important in bedrooms? Colors can be divided into active, passive and neutral tones. Active colors are on the warm side of the color wheel…the yellows, oranges and reds. They inspire conversation and unleash creative juices.

If you have a workspace in your bedroom or use it as a place to give free rein to your creative side, you may consider a warm tone as the dominant color. Keep in mind, you could find it difficult to fall asleep with so much stimulation.

Passive colors, the cool colors, blue, green and purple are said to calm and pacify. For that reason they are wonderful as the dominant color in bedrooms…a place used to as a retreat from an otherwise hectic world.

There are exceptions to every rule and pink seems to be the exception here. Although a warm color, it is known to soothe frazzled nerves and promote affection..

Most people know the neutral colors…beige, white, gray and taupe. They are neither active nor passive, but serve to bridge together and soften the other colors you have chosen. Too much of any one color can have the opposite effect from what you intended. The neutrals tend to keep everything in balance.

Style is next on your list of decisions.

Do you want a formal or informal master bedroom? If you tend to lean toward classic furniture, lush fabrics and symmetrical groupings; formal is most likely your style. If you prefer things slightly off balance, like mixtures of furniture styles and lots of texture, then your style is more casual.

When you have determined what function, other than sleeping, your master bedroom will serve plus your style and desired colors, the compromising usually begins.

You want floral fabrics or wallpaper and he doesn’t? Show him wallpaper borders or fabrics that have stylized or impressionistic flowers rather than realistic ones. Men object less to flowers if the over-all effect is toned down or blurred.

He still wants the plaids and paisleys you aren’t too fond of? You might be surprised how well the right plaid or stripe will coordinate with the floral fabric you have fallen in love with. Use it in smaller doses…a dust ruffle, pillows or window top treatments rather than a bed cover may be just enough to make him feel comfortable. There are also wonderful textured solid fabrics that blend well with patterned fabrics.

Try pulling together three or four combinations of fabric, wallpaper and paint based on your color choices and lifestyle. You may choose one of the combinations or pull components from each. In other words, compromise!

You’ll be surprised to find it isn’t that difficult. The end result will be a master bedroom you can both enjoy and take pride in having done together.

Remember, your bedroom is often the only haven you have from the stress of your hectic world. With a little planning, you can make it a place where dreams do come true