Shabby Chic Bedding Gives You The Vintage Feel You’ve Been Looking For

“Shabby chic,” was first coined by designer Rachel Ashwell in 1980. It focuses on inexpensive vintage couture items such as beddings and furniture. This style has become incredibly popular over the past few years and encompasses patterns, designs and sets primarily intended to make something appear older, but also classy and vintage. And there is no better way to add this style to your bedroom than with shabby chic bedding.

So Much Improvement

While you can save a few bucks by buying second hand items from a thrift shop or garage sale, with the abundance of options available today there is no need. Plus, you’ll get have all the advantages of buying new such as high quality and since it has become just so popular variety to match your own individual bedroom as well.

Designer, Rachel Ashwell actually partnered with retail giant Target in order to come up with a luxurious yet inexpensive line which also includes accessories like lamps and curtains. The Target shabby chic bedding she designed is known as Simply Shabby Chic. You can also find it online in places like Amazon and it makes a great buy for someone looking for a little vintage style but with guaranteed durability and for a cheap price.

Versatile Like No Other

It’s actually pretty amazing just how versatile this style really is. Because it’s all about mixing and matching there are no strict rules for what is right or wrong, it’s just what looks good to you! This is one of the reasons it’s so popular not only with older vintage buffs but teenage girls and younger.

In fact, shabby chic nursery bedding is a fantastic alternative to more traditional styles used for newborns. It’s a fun way for parents to enjoy a style they like which is also incredibly functional. Sets for babies usually include items like a bumper, crib sheet, crib skirt, and coverlet. Many will actually include much more it just depends on the individual set you choose.

Many parents prefer going with shabby chic instead of other themes because it is actually also a great way to save some cash and look great at the same time. When used in a child’s room it is style which can be grown into for young girls so you won’t have to get rid of any decor you have purchased to go with your bedding. And of course it is an easy way to match the existing style of a room if you are keeping the crib in a spare room or your own bedroom.

White Is Out Of Sight

While there are many designs and patterns available, white is the most common theme. This is because of its elegance, cleanliness, and simplicity. Since white is a neutral color it’s easy to match white shabby chic bedding with the decor of just about any room. And this in turn makes it simple to purchase furniture which looks amazing with your bedding. Floral patterns combined with white are also very popular.

Through the years, shabby chic bedding has come a long way. Using it will add elegance and class with minimal effort. And best of all it works for newborns all the way to adults!