Transform a Home Into an Inviting Oasis Using Rustic Decor

Remodeling or redecorating a home is a serious project that can make an enormous difference on the way a home interior looks and feels. Most people strive to create interior atmospheres that will welcome family members and guests and make them feel comfortable and at ease with their surroundings. Creating a unique design that offers posh comfort and luxurious relaxation can be done in style by using rustic decor throughout each room of the home.

Savvy Kitchen and Dining Room Rustic Decorating Ideas

In the past two decades, old-world style farm tables became hugely popular for people who have both contemporary homes and country homes. Rustic tables that are large in size seat numerous people for meals; and they provide a primitive design that is both nostalgic and inviting. These tables are made in styles that are sleek and long, as well as in bulky designs that resemble rough farm furniture. In addition to this type of furniture, kitchen and dining options for rustic designs also include wooden slat chairs in multiple colors that have been distressed.

Distressing furniture makes for a simple and affordable solution to bringing in a rustic lodge design to your home. For designing on a budget, many smaller pieces of furniture can be purchased at thrift stores or estate sales. Once you have the furniture in hand, simply paint it the color of your preference and then lightly rub sand paper over the furniture to remove the sleek, polished look and to give it a faded, slightly-worn, distressed appearance. This type of method works well on buffets, baker’s racks, dining chairs, and nesting tables.

Beautiful and Inviting Rustic Designs for Bedrooms and Dens

Furniture for a rustic decor theme to furnish bedrooms and dens can be purchased online or at local retail furniture stores that specialize in lodge and rustic furniture and accessories. One of the great things about using a rustic theme in a home is that it is perfectly okay to mix and match furniture collections. As long as each piece of furniture in a room has the same rustic theme and are similar in proportions in comparison to the size of the room, the flow and style of the room will be cohesive and organized.

Hand-made lampshades and vintage lighting fixtures combine to bring a bedroom or den to life and really help it to transform into a beautiful and rustic habitat.