6 Handy Tips for Bathroom Sink Installing

Bathroom sink installation can be done on a table top, on a counter top, on bathroom cabinet, or can be freestanding using trendy pedestals or trunks that cover the drainpipe. Now you can also get corner sinks that can be made to fit in the corners. Choose a sink that goes with your plumbing and space available and also with the general décor of your. Replacing bathroom sinks can also give a new look and style to your bathroom.

Now let us see how to install bathroom sinks. A typical DIY bathroom sink installment will take 4 to 6 hours.

Step 1: Trace an outline on the table top or counter top using the cutout that the sink manufacturer provided. Cut out this area for the sink. If the manufacturer has not provided a cutout then you can also use the inside of the cardboard box in which the sink came. Using that, trace the outline of the sink, now move in just about another inch and draw an additional line. Cutting the cardboard about the inner line that you drew will serve as the tracing guide.

Step 2: Next you have to drill a starter hole using a saw, and cut close to the traced line. As you come near to finish the outline, be meticulous in supporting the underside of the counter top and make sure that it doesn’t smash on the floor.

Step 3: Place just a drop of plumber’s putty on the drain. Now install the washers and drain assembly, and tighten the locking nut for attaching the house water plumbing to the drain plumbing.

Step 4: The faucet should be installed into the faucet markers in the sink. Now that the installment of faucet is done, put a line of silicone adhesive underneath the sink’s bottom edge.

Step 5: The sink should be aligned with the front edge of the cut out. Then press down strongly around the edge of the sink so that the seal is set on the sink.

Step 6: Lastly, once the adhesive has set, you should apply a thin line of caulk just about the rim of the sink. Smoothen out the caulk using a wet finger.

You should be very careful while installing a bathroom sink and avoid making any errors as it could damage the adjacent counter tops or the flooring. Though bathroom sink installing takes time and requires attention to detail but, once this project is complete, your bathroom will have an entire new look and style.