Beautiful Bathroom Shower Heads for Your Dream Bathroom

Bathroom shower heads form an essential item of your bathroom suite, which to a great extent determines the overall look and feel of your bathroom. There is plethora of innovative luxury showerheads available in the market which is both functional, as well as adds to the aesthetics of our bathroom.

Shower heads can be ceiling or hand held shower heads. There are rain shower heads, massage showerheads, high pressure shower heads and dual shower heads. There are a variety of spray settings available from which you can choose. These spray settings determine the pressure and the effects of the water drops.

There is expensive luxury ceiling showerheads today. Spray of water in different forms of rain oozes out of the holes in different colors of light. These shower heads are extremely advanced technologically, and require built in installations, that control the huge flow of water. They are the most expensive range of shower heads.

Some shower heads need huge bathroom space, and transform water into pure pleasurable rain like shower. Then there are shower heads which are round and domelike. Round ceiling shower heads give a very simple elegant look to your bathroom.

The star shaped, square shaped and embrace showerheads are few of the wide range of beautiful shapes available. The Waterfall showerhead has water flowing out like a water fall. There are a variety of other shapes available in the market from various makers.

All you need to do is use your imagination and select the shower heads that would suit best to the shape and size of your bathroom.

Microbiologist Norman Pace from the University of Colorado advises against using shower heads made of plastic, as the crusty deposits which form in plastic showers heads contain layers of microbes. Therefore the skin runs the risk of being attached by bacteria.

He further advises to run the shower for at least a minute before getting under it, as the first flush of water piled within a shower contains microbes. Chrome shower heads are most commonly used these days, as they are easy to clean and maintain, and give neat look.

Bathrooms showers are expensive and need maintenance. If you don’t look after them properly, various deposits will clog the holes and ruin the showerhead. Cleaning the shower heads with vinegar prevents crust formation. For daily maintenance, just wipe them dry after use. This will ensure that you have a trouble free showering experience with your bathroom shower head for a long time to come.