Decorative Toy Storage Solutions and Ideas

If you have children, then toy storage solutions and ideas become an important consideration in your household! For without a practical toy storage solution, then your home and not only your child’s bedroom and playroom will look like a jungle of toys, knick knacks and little play objects that seem to multiply daily!

The most obvious solution to a toy storage problem is to have a toy box. There are literally hundreds to choose from to prevent your house from becoming a disaster area of toys and children’s playthings scattered all over the place. You can either buy ready-made toy boxes or have your husband make some for the children.

Decorative storage solutions etcetera

When children’s toys and playthings start crowding you in, it’s time to come up with creative and decorative storage solutions.

You can use a chest for your child’s toy storage. This makes your little one responsible for keeping his toys inside his own treasure chest – because that is literally what a toy storage box is for him. Inside his bedroom, a decorative toy chest can be used as a chair or as a low table for those never-ending school projects.

Another option is to use wheeled, plastic containers with lids. These come in various colors and allow you to color-code the storage boxes according to type of toys and owners so that there will be no argument as to who owns what! The various colors available make it easy to organize toys, books and whatever that your children treasure during their playful years.

You can also have big wooden benches or tables in the patio with built-in storage drawers for their outdoor toys so it would be easy for the kids to keep them out of the way, especially if you happen to be entertaining friends and relatives on a weekend.

For a trendier look, you can also use old wooden fruit crates for outdoor storage which your children will surely fall in love with since they can also use it during play time!

Plastic, stackable organizers are available at almost all department stores. These are another decorative option you have for your children to keep their toys, books and even old clothes in.

There are also standalone toy storage cabinets with different shelve and drawer sizes that can accommodate almost any type and size of toys. Or if your have the space, you can have a small section of the garage converted into a walk in toy closet!

In making a decision on what toy storage solutions to choose always go for the practical, durable and sturdy combination not to mention the economical. This ensures safety for all residents of your home and will provide long years of service.

However, if after getting the necessary toy storage solutions for your kids and your home still looks like a toy store the next best thing to do is to donate old toys to charity!

You get rid of the clutter and make less fortunate kids enjoy at the same time.