Easy Living Room Makeovers That Don’t Cost a Lot

IF you want to remodel your living room, there is no need to have a huge budget. sure, if you are looking to do major changes (like adding or subtracting walls, putting in beams or changing the structure of the room) then it will cost more, but, it is possible to do a minor remodel that will change the look of your room without costing a ton of money.

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Paint

Painting is cheap and can truly transform a room. Changing colors will can change the entire mood of the room, light or dark, cheery or gloomy. And, painting is pretty cheap. If you are selling yoru home, go with base colors. However, if you are sticking around for a while, feel free to expirement with different colors, accent walls, and very bright or off the beaten path color schemes.

2. Cover Your Furniture

New coverings or reappoulstering can make your old furniture look new again. If your couches or chairs are getting worn, dirty, or just lain old looking, covering them will give them a brand new look. And, the best part is, it is really cheap to do this!

3. Change the Floors

Flooring is more expensive but can have a huge impact on both the look of your living room and your home’s value. Carpeting is the cheapest option but it has the least impact on home value as well.

Going with hard wood floors will increase home value and can make your living room much warmer and more cozy.

Stone and tile floors also increase home value. They are colder, but, can give your home a modern look..or, can be used to give it a rustic style..

4. Change Furniture

Again, this can get on the more expensive side. Leather couches give your home a modern look. If you don’t have pets, you can go with a softer cloth. While couches are expensive if you choose wisely, it is well worth it. Combine new couches with matching paint colors and you are on the path to totally transforming your living room. Combine any of these steps and you will really improve your home.