Find Suitable Glass Coffee Tables For Your Workplace or Home and Add A Touch of Class

Chic glass coffee tables will add a touch of class to any living room décor. By a coffee table is meant a low table that is generally placed before a sofa for holding sundry items like ashtrays, snack bowls, glasses, magazines and of course cups and cups of coffee or tea.

It is also sometimes referred to as a cocktail table being long and low. Beverages are placed on coasters.

Today clicking online one stumbles upon a staggering array of coffee tables with glass topped ones taking the laurels. Glass adds to the feeling of there being plenty of space. It is elegant and chic.

One particular model with simple design and latest finish is oblong in shape with a glass top and leather sides. The vinyl leather may either be cappuccino or black. The bottom is flat and the piece measures 48”x28”x14”.

The Vanessa glass coffee table is totally made of ½” clear glass that has been bent into an oblong curve to make two shelves resting on four castors.

Another model has a round glass top with a coffee coloured border. It is resting on an uneven round solid base with a hole in centre for keeping extra items.

Some glass coffee tables are square. In a set there is one relatively large table accompanied by two or three smaller ones. There are also square glass coffee tables resting on a single steel frame with a fork base.

Unique and outstanding is the winged glass coffee table that is an extendable coffee set but without the sliding mechanism. There are two clear glass tops that overlap. If required the pair opens out into two opposite directions and becomes a spacious table all rolled in one. Rolling castors allow for easy mobility.

Black glass coffee tables are impressive – to say the least. They have been carefully crafted from tempered glass. The top and the legs are all made of black glass. A set is made up of three tables with one sliding into another so that space is not a problem. But when required out comes two extra tables. The sharp rectangular lines are softened rounded edges to give a smooth elegant finish.

There is an idiom –‘gather round the coffee table’. It indicates that this piece of furniture is associated with informal conviviality and light banter. The coffee table made a relatively late entry into the world of furniture.

The late Victorian era saw its beginning. The idea perhaps came from the small garden tables used in arbours of the Ottoman Empire. The Anglo-Japanese style too was popular from the late 19th century. There are also Louis XVI and Georgian style of coffee tables.
Thus select one for your house from the mind boggling variety of glass coffee tables available and add a touch of class to your living room or kitchen!