Making Your Bedroom a Master Retreat by Using Feng Shui in Bedrooms

Feng Shui in bedrooms is considered very important as the bedroom is the room of your house where maximum time is spent by you. Originated in China, Feng Shui, the philosophy of design and arrangement is now becoming popular all over the world. The bedroom is for relaxing, sleeping and making love and Feng Shui by facilitating the flow of positive energy in your bedroom makes it more comfortable.

According to Feng Shui good chi should be allowed to flow freely in our house so as to bring us positive energy. Feng Shui relates to removing obstacles in the flow of positive energy so that feng shui energy brings positive health and prosperity to us. Feng Shui and health are also related to each other so far as positive energy in the body is concerned.

As long as the body keeps receiving feng shui energy it keeps working in the right manner. Whenever there are obstacles in the flow of this energy, the body may not receive positive signals and ill health may occur.

Bringing good energy in your bedroom is possible by following the basic feng shui tips for bedrooms which can be detailed as under. A good bedroom feng shui can be termed as one that attracts, excites, invites in the bedroom and at the same time present you a relaxing environment. For this you must try and keep the flow of fresh air in your room by opening the windows periodically.

You should also do away with computers, televisions, and exercise equipments from your bedroom as they may distract the positive energy in the bedroom. Also make sure to keep the room light and do not keep baggage underneath your bed as this may sour your relationships.

Choosing good soothing colors for the bedroom is necessary for ensuring flow of positive energy in the room. Best feng shui colors for rooms are said to be the different shades of skin colors which can vary from pale white to brown. These colors go very well with feng shui energy.

You must also make sure that your bed is not in direct line with the door, is approachable from both sides and have two side tables on both sides of the bed. Never place sad images in your bedroom and try to choose lively images of something that you want to happen in your life.

Incorporating the above tips for feng shui in bedrooms is surely going to make your bedroom a pleasant place and strengthen your relationship with your better half.