Popular Ways to Improve Your Home Value with a Kitchen Remodel

There are many ways to improve a home’s value. A kitchen remodel for your Phoenix home is one of the best things to do in that regard. Adding some style and a few bells and whistles to your kitchen’s design is a great way to add tens of thousands of dollars to the selling price of your home. Here is how to go about your kitchen remodel for your Phoenix home for maximum value:

Upgrade your appliances

From the fridge to the stove, your kitchen’s appliances are the reasons that the room exists in the first place. Upgrading them can have a hugely positive impact on your home’s overall value. Here are the three things that you should look for when shopping for new appliances:


Nothing catches prospective homebuyer’s eye better than a set of sleek, stylish kitchen appliances that they can visualize themselves enjoying. A well designed set of appliances amplifies this effect.


A good remodel for your Phoenix home demands a consideration for quality. Your appliances are no exception to this rule. Look for unique features and a solid durability when shopping around for appliances. A great deal of home value can be wrought from appliances that are extremely reliable and have bells and whistles that most do not have.

Energy efficiency

Energy prices are at the forefront of everyone’s minds thanks to the sharp rises in prices every year. While your appliances will never be completely indemnified from their contributions to your energy bill, you can greatly mitigate how much they add to your energy use. You can do this by only considering EnergyStar appliances, which follow rigorous standards set forth by the DOE and EPA.

Add a luxurious styling

The style of a kitchen says a lot. As one of the few rooms in the house that won’t undergo a major design overhaul by its next owners, you can be sure that a luxuriously styled kitchen will do a lot to impress home shoppers. Here are a few things that should be done to that end:

Add a backsplash

This is one of the least expensive additions to your kitchen’s design. Once your Phoenix home remodeling contractor installs it, however, it can create a dramatic boost to your home’s overall value.

Stylize the countertops

Wood, granite and solid metal are great countertop material alternatives to make your kitchen really stand out. The countertops are what the prospective homebuyer will look at and touch the most in the kitchen, so do not overlook the value of great looking countertops.

Upgrade your cabinets

Cabinets are the foundation of your kitchen’s design. They are so important that ignoring them during your remodel for your Phoenix home should be considered a crime. There are two ways that you can handle your cabinets during a remodel:

Cabinet door replacement

Your kitchen cabinet’s doors are the first thing that people see when they walk into a kitchen. Replacing these alone can make you feel like you have a brand new, much more valuable kitchen.

Total cabinet replacement

If you would like to completely reshape the design of your kitchen, you could decide to have your Phoenix home remodeling contractor replace your kitchen cabinets with a brand new set. All new, custom kitchen cabinets for your Phoenix home allow you to shape the design of your kitchen to your heart’s content.

Cabinet refurbishing

Technically speaking, you can make your kitchen’s cabinets look completely different (and brand new) without replacing anything. Instead, you can have your Phoenix home remodeling contractor simply refurbish your kitchen cabinets by stripping, and either refinishing or repainting them. You would be surprised at how much more valuable refinished or freshly painted kitchen cabinets can make your home look.

Stylize the sink

The kitchen sink is one of the most undervalued design elements in the entire home. As a result, nearly every kitchen sink in the city of Phoenix looks exactly the same: a big, metal, rectangular bowl that sometimes comes in two parts. A great way to add a lot of value to your kitchen is to think outside of this very small box. See what other types of designs and rugged materials-from tough wood to stone-can be used for your kitchen remodel for your Phoenix home.