Revel in the New Sensation of Bathing by Using the Cultured Marble for Shower

Cultured marble for shower is slowly replacing the old fashioned ceramic tile bathtub and shower surround as they require constant maintenance. The synthetic marble shower with its wide variety of artificial stones and bricks are not only of superior make but are offered at affordable price range.

These water proof products maintain its shine without loss of gloss for years. Cultured marble for shower, however, is not totally a synthetic product. It is ground marble dust that is mixed with liquid polyester resin to form an attractive and durable bathroom as well as kitchen products.

Using real marble in bathrooms has some inherent problems as it stains easily whereas the high quality cultured marble bathroom are usually impervious to stains because of its resin coat that is normally stain proof. The cultured marble manufacturing unit is a new industrial development and the business is, even today, quite segregated with small companies manufacturing this product in pockets.

It is generally used in bathtubs and whirlpool shower baths, shower basins and there are also cultured marble walls and wall panels. As the product could be molded, it creates unlimited designs of various color shades. The fine finish is further accentuated by the satiny glossy sheen. The product is repairable if scratches, chips or minor blemishes appear.

To install cultured marble tub and marble shower surround, it is necessary to hire skilled professionals for the job though the installation process is quite simple. It can be speedily set up as well. The wall surfaces should be thick and leveled flat and it is advisable to have flat white walls behind the cultured marble.

Each piece should be sized correctly and dry fitted with the back surface thoroughly cleaned preferably with alcohol before the application of silicone chalk adhesive. Caring for the cultured marbled bathroom is quite easy.

The cleaning product that contains abrasives should be avoided as after each shower it is recommended to quickly remove the water drops from the cultured marble walls. In the event of hard water deposits accumulating on the marble shower surround, it can be dissolved with the application of sprayed vinegar.

Using gel gloss helps to restore the gloss and sheen of cultured marble walls. The cultured marble is a low maintenance product as cultured marble for shower walls have minimum number of seams which diminishes leakage and mildew problems.