The Guest Bedroom – A Paradise For Your Guests at Home

How often has the news of a guest about to arrive at your place overwhelmed you? How many times has the whole responsibility of being graciously accommodative to the visitors given you jitters? Well, it is quite instinctive on the part of a host to feel faded out at the thought of making the guest effortlessly adapt to the new environment. But, rest on your laurels because this is not as challenging as it appears. Here, we bring to you some easy guest bedroom hacks that will have all your queries and worries resolved. Follow these simple yet effective tips and tricks and give your guests a splendid time during their stay.

Let’s delve into some smart guest bedroom ideas. There you go –


To begin with, the size of the room is something you must settle on beforehand as this is one aspect that would decide the kind of decor and equipping the room would require. In case you are up for remodeling a guest bedroom, it would help you pick only those fittings that would complement the size and feel of the room, or transfer things that are not mandatory.


Thanks to modernity, it is common these days to have a theme that the entire interior decoration and design of a room goes with. Here are some examples of the many wonderfully attractive themes that are trending throughout the world:

i. Metro Urban Theme: Bring on some of the posh ambiance to your guest bedroom and make the visitors be awed at the metro feels.

ii. Wispy Layer Theme: Make the bedroom feel comfy and cosy with layers of wispy fabrics.

iii. Culture Mixture Theme: Go creative with mixing up furnishings that are symbolic of various different cultures of the world.

iv. Colourful-Vibrant Theme: Choose bright colours for the walls. That could just be a nice mood lifter for anyone who enters the room.

v. Blue Beach Theme: The name is self-explanatory. Give your guest a bedroom with hues of blue and make it a tropical, beach affair!

vi. Vintage Theme: This is one of the most popular bedroom themes and something you cannot go wrong with. Just be generous with the usage of long-standing designs and furniture from the early ’70s and make it look terrifically classic.

vii. Cottage Theme: Welcome your guests into this rusty and cosy room with a lot of wood elements.

viii. One Colour Theme: This is the coolest and the easiest theme to bring into your guest bedroom. Just pick one colour for the room and all you have to do is to place complementary furnishings, and you are good to go.

ix. Feminine Flair Theme: Give the room a calm, feminine vibe and go on adding feminine elements, be it the paint on the wall or the furniture.

x. Motion Pictures Theme: Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? Or, does Harry Potter gets you thrilled? Well, why not bring it into your guest bedroom, then? This is a creative idea and will undoubtedly be loved and appreciated by the visitors.


This is the most strenuous part of the lot, but once you know the size of the room and have decided on a theme for your guest bedroom, this would be super fun. Initially, if it is a small bedroom, an obvious and smart move will be to place a small bed instead of a Queen sized bed to ensure spaciousness. A smart trick to make it more airy is to pull it to the centre, away from the side windows that would guarantee more space around the bed. This would help the guests to get on and off it.

On the contrary, in a larger room, consider placing a Queen sized bed (Or, even a King sized bed). Or, two small beds, based on your preferences.

Once you are sorted with the bed, start setting up the furnishings subject to the size of the room and the theme thereof. In a small room, it is highly advisable to have only those items that are much required. It is a good idea to have mirrors on the walls that give a delusional airy feel to the room. The bulky wardrobes or furniture must be moved out and things occupying the least of space must be placed.

In a big room, however, you can let your imagination run wild and decorate it as you please. A wardrobe, a dresser, a table and a chair make for the compulsory equipping in a large guest bedroom. Additionally, for the decor in both a small and a large guest bedroom, good lighting is of utmost importance to make the guests feel at home.

Now, the last and fun part, the specific decor that you will use. Since you have settled on a theme by now, it would be a breeze to select the design and decor. Here are a few examples to guide you –

With all the ideas above, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, remodel, renovate and beautify your guest bedroom. Happy decorating!

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