Tips on Fixing Clogged Sinks of Kitchen Yourself With Your Daily Tools

Fixing clogged sinks must be a task which you should do yourself rather than calling in a plumber who may charge you a lot and may not even clear the drain pipe properly. Clearing a clogged sink is not a very difficult task if you have a plunger and a drain cleaner with you. It may be some food item or a spoon in your kitchen sink or hair and a pair of your socks in your bath that may clog your sink and you need the job done urgent!

If you find your kitchen sinks clogged on a regular basis then you need to check your main sewerage pipe which may have some blockage which has to be removed with the help of professionals. However, if the kitchen clog appears once in a while and your other drains are working properly, it is possible that only the pipe of your kitchen sink is clogged.

In order to fix the clogged kitchen sink yourself, you need to go through some instructions and tips on how to fix a clogged kitchen sink. Nowadays, using chemical drain cleaners for clearing kitchen sink blockage is not advised as they are not safe to handle and may also result in corrosion of your pipes. Using natural and green ways to clear kitchen sink blockage is becoming more and more popular.

While trying to unclog a sink always wear gloves to protect your hands. Try using natural drain cleaners that are made with enzymes and baking soda along with hot water for cleaning your sinks. As far as tool is concerned a plunger and an auger is the most what you may need to try cleaning the kitchen sink yourself.

The first attempt in cleaning your kitchen sink should be the plunger. Try and create a vacuum over the hole of the sink by covering it with the plunger and making sure that the rim of the plunger is covered with water that is released in to the sink. After pumping the handle of the plunger for few times, you should release the plunger which in turn should remove the blockage. If it does not work in the first try, you should repeat it for two- three times.

You may also try to move an auger inside the sink faucet until it hits the clog and then move it back and forth to clear the blockade, after which hot water and natural drain cleaner may be run through it to clear it properly.

The above idea is sure to work for fixing clogged sinks, however if it fails to work you need to call for professional plumbers who can help clean your sink blockage technically.