Tips on Home Garbage Disposal Methods

Home garbage disposal unit is indispensable kitchen equipment that helps to make the cleaning process in kitchens speedy and easy. The garbage disposal is attached to the underbelly of the kitchen’s sink drain as it functions by shredding the food scraps fed down the drain with a heavy flow of water.

It has a shredder which is powered by electricity that grinds the garbage in the grinding chamber and an impeller arm that forces the liquid and particles down the drain. The dish water drain running through the garbage disposal ensures that the larger particles are completely dissolved and drained away.

Though most home garbage disposal units work on electric powered motor, some operates only on the water force applied by the sink’s spout. This kitchen equipment, at times does not function properly. If the unit is plugged in and does not make the humming noise then the reset button has to be pressed again. This is located at the bottom of the equipment. The circuit breaker also needs frequent checking as it trips when turned off in the electrical service panel. Repairing a garbage disposal needs the attention of skilled professionals.

If they notice that the home garbage disposal does not turn on in spite of emitting a humming sound, this indicates that the flywheel may be stuck. This gets obstructed when some materials are lodged between the flywheel and the shredder ring. However, once the obstructing objects are removed, the flywheel starts spinning again. Other garbage disposal problems centers on the number of leakages at the sink flange, dish washer connection and the discharged drain pipe. Usually these segments can be changed or connecting bolts could be tightened or re-instated.

The slow draining of a garbage disposal is another common problem and is caused when the drainage line is clogged. This occurs when sufficient time has not been given to the garbage dispenser for running and clearing the garbage. Under such circumstances, it is best to disconnect the drain trap and remove the discharge drain pipe. To reduce chances of clogs or slow drainage in this kitchen equipment, it is best to avoid grinding, potato peelings, coffee beans or egg shells.

These create tiny granular waste that sticks to the sludge and causes clogging. Disposal repairs are usually time consuming and needs skilled professionals to perform the work. However, frequent repairs could be avoided if home garbage disposal unit is maintained regularly by grinding lemon pieces, ice cubes and through constant rinsing. A good home garbage disposal lasts a decade with proper care. But with serious problems the entire unit requires replacement.