Why Correct Microwave Placement is Important for Easy Working in the Kitchen

There have been many revolutionary ideas in the field of microwave placement in kitchen which have been followed and as a result microwave now finds place on various spots in your kitchen. Microwave is no more placed simply on the counter top in the kitchen.

With the popularity of modular kitchens and open style kitchens, proper microwave placement in kitchen has become very important as it not only gives an impressive look to the kitchen but a well thought placement provides ease in working within the kitchen. Amongst the various spots considered for placing the microwave, some have distinct advantages over the others for some people and vice versa for others.

Kitchen MicrowaveA most traditional and popular spot for microwave is above counter microwave placement. In this if there is a shortage of space the microwave can be placed on an under cabinet shelf or you can also place the microwave in island if there is an elevated portion of an island. In this placement the microwave is close to your eye level and easily accessible. However, you should make sure that there is sufficient ventilation in case the microwave is placed in a wall with cabinets.

Another preferred placement in your kitchen is microwave over the stove which helps you in working with ease as you can cook on the stove and heat another dish in microwave simultaneously. However over the range microwave height is often criticized for various reasons as it becomes too high and while reaching up to get your food from the microwave there is a chance of spilling the hot food on yourself and getting burnt.

As you keep about 2 feet gap between the cooking range and the microwave, it becomes too high for people of short height. This type of placement is also not desirable in kitchen which has more than one cook working at the same time. While placing the microwave over the range you should also make sure to keep enough open space on both sides of the range so that you can place the items which you take out from the microwave.

When there is a limitation of space, you may also think of placing the microwave under the counter in your kitchen but should make sure that it is out of the reach of your kids. For kitchen with enough floor space, placing the microwave on a wheeled cart is another possibility which will also provide flexibility by allowing free movement of the microwave.

Microwave sizes also place an important role in deciding the place of the microwave. They are available in widths of 19, 24 and 30 inches and microwave placement in your kitchen depends highly on the size of the microwave also.