Fall Into Autumn With Storage Shelves For Baskets

The impending presence of fall is in the air. The smell of leaves against the dampness of the ground once again evokes a myriad of warm autumn feelings in our hearts. A walk along a wooded trail in the fall brings an invigorating yet peaceful and serene feeling to one’s soul. So lovely are the colors of golden yellow, chestnut brown, hunter green, burnt orange and deep red.

With the rotation of the season, it just may be a time for change in your home or office as well. It is exhilarating to clear our minds and refresh our lives. In preparation for the changing season, walk through your home and assess each room. Does your living room need a crisp new look? Does your family room need cleaning up and clearing out? For an attractive decorator feel use shelving with baskets to help you organize your home. They add a touch of class and help you sort and put away the items you want out of sight yet close to the area where you use them.

As you stand back and look at a room, pantry or closet, imagine where you could place finished wood storage shelves. Baskets placed on the shelves can hold a myriad of items you want tucked away yet easily accessible.

Book Cases

Shelves are available in various shapes and sizes to accommodate your needs and space requirements. You will find shelves with two, three and four tiers, as well as tall units if you need to fill a space or wider units for larger areas. No matter how much or how little space you have, you will find a unit that is well-suited to your needs.

Quality wood shelves can be used for storing books or displaying pictures, treasured collectibles or other knick knacks that are precious to you. Antique collectables, glass figurines, doll collections or nativity sets may be displayed on shelves as well as sailing ships, hobby railroad locomotives or model airplanes. Arranging and exhibiting your treasures and collections will bring joy to your heart as you enter a room. Baskets on your storage shelves can be used to store just about anything.

Basket Shelves

In the living room or family room, trucks, cars, dolls, games, books and blocks can be stored in baskets for children or grandchildren. Shelves for baskets in bedrooms hold underwear, socks, shirts and accessories. In the entry or hallway, hats, gloves, homework and backpacks would feel right at home in basket benches. Not only could you sit down and take off your shoes before muddying up the carpet, baskets would hide the clutter, and outdoor things would be ready to grab on your way out the door. Picture streamlining your rooms by placing items in baskets where they can snuggle up together and no one can see them.


Sturdy wicker baskets are available stained or painted, and you can decorate them to create a new look. You may want to use wire or colorful plastic baskets for children’s cubbies. Fabric baskets come in subtle or splashy colors, and some fold flat for storage when they are not in use. Baskets with handles are easy to pull off a shelf and carry to wherever you need them.

Besides tucking away items lying about the house in baskets, you can use baskets on the floor, dining table or kitchen counter, decorated or displaying plants or an attractive array of items in accent colors. Imagine creative arrangements with baskets stacked one on top of the other, positioned on their sides or turned upside down to give an added flair and finesse to any area in your home or office.

Office Shelves

In an office setting, wood or metal decorator shelves may be used to de-clutter a messy area. Instead of having an office with books, notebooks and files stacked up on desks or lying about here and there, you can arrange them neatly on shelves. Baskets could hide office supplies, paperwork, small business tools and other office-related items for a more professional appearance. A changing of the season creates a stirring within us.

As the daylight fades and the nights grow longer, the warm lazy summer melts into the crisp multicolored beauty of fall. It is a time for change, a time to air out, clean up and organize our home and office. The deciduous leaves on bushes and trees coat themselves in hues of crimson, goldenrod and variegated browns; and the crisp fall breeze invigorates us. We breathe deeply, close our eyes and envision a stroll along a tree-lined path among the crackling autumn leaves fluttering down from the trees.