Storage Shelves Baskets – Buyers Guide

If you need to organize and de-clutter your home or office, consider a storage system that combines shelves and baskets. Simply using storage shelves, baskets and basket benches allows you to de-clutter and organize any space by tucking items neatly out of sight. Choosing finished wood shelves for baskets that complement your interior design will add to the overall look of the room. Both quality and convenience play a role in choosing basket shelves. Considering all factors will help you choose the best system for your home and family.

Design Details

Start by selecting a shelf unit of a size and shape that fits easily into your available space; and choose an appealing color and style for the storage shelves. Baskets can be made from any material but should be easy to remove and sturdy enough to hold plenty of items.

Consider where and how you will use your storage shelves before you buy. Would the needs of your family best be met using a set of tall bookcase shelves with lots of storage, medium-sized shelving with baskets, or basket benches that can add more seating area to your living space?

Shelves for baskets can be placed next to each other along a wall, perpendicular to a wall, or even as free-standing furniture. Some moms have placed two basket shelves at a right angle away from a wall to provide a cozy play area for their children. Try to choose one or more bookcase shelves and baskets that will suit your needs, enhance the area and be useful in more than one way.

Storage shelves with baskets can be used in any room of your home. They enable you and your family to put away and hide the items they use in the area they use them, and, at the same time, have them easily accessible. Baskets on shelves could contain toys, clothing, closet stuff, bath accessories, personal items and office supplies.

The flat surface on the top of table-height shelving allows you to create seasonal displays or use the space to show off favorite photos or mementos. Shelves of this height can easily be converted to a changing table for a new baby: just add a changing pad to the top and use the baskets for storing essentials like diapers and wipes. As your baby grows, you can remove the changing pad and use the baskets to store toddler toys, clothing and pull-ups.

Quality Counts

Look for shelves for baskets that are well constructed and have a backing. Either a solid back wall or a decorative brace will keep your baskets aligned and tidy and prevent items from slipping down behind. A water and scuff resistant finish will add to the beauty and durability of your wooden shelves.

Baskets that are well-constructed from quality materials will give you years of use. They should not hang over the edges and should easily slide on the shelves like drawers.

Consider Convenience

Consider your family needs when you buy storage shelves. Baskets need to be accessible for the family members that will use them. Choose low shelves for a child’s bedroom or playroom or if he is to play and then put his toys away by himself. Select a taller model if you need height to accent a room or want to store items out of the reach of curious pets or toddlers.

Before purchasing shelving with baskets, look over your room, consider your wall space, and think about the needs of your family. Be sure to choose well-constructed, quality storage shelves. Baskets add flair to your room and enhance your interior design. Unless you have a large vehicle and can lift heavy boxes, consider shopping online, and your basket shelves will be delivered to your door. Get right to work, de-clutter and organize. Then sit down, put up your feet and enjoy your picture-perfect home.