Why Floating Shelves Could Be Just The Thing For Your Home

There are many good reasons for investing in floating shelves. As for why they are called that, that is obvious when one simply looks at them – they really do appear to be ‘floating’, devoid of any means of support. Such an appearance can be attributed to the fixing of such shelves to internal brackets or other invisible mechanisms that are drilled into the wall behind them.

If desired, the shelves can be further reinforced with aluminium or steel screws. Floating shelves give the appearance of freestanding structures and are a common sight in the homes of discerning people across the UK.

Let’s look at some reasons why people opt for floating shelves. Firstly, their minimal appearance is less distracting than that of some other forms of shelving. There are many different styles to choose from, which means that you shouldn’t struggle to find something that suits, irrespective of your exact tastes. The shelves’ versatility and light weight mean that they can be fitted into any room in your home. What’s more is that they are incredibly easy to install – you don’t need to be a professional handyman to get them in place.

Here at Shelfdirect, we offer a vast range of popular, durable and long-lasting floating shelves. The 4cm thick floating shelf can be manufactured to your exact length and depth requirements and is available in an oak, walnut, cherry, maple veneer or beech finish.

Our floating shelves can also be ordered as alcove shelves if you wish, and there are three different brackets to choose from – simply get in touch if you need help finding out which option will be right for you. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service standards and always go the extra mile to deliver the outstanding quality that you require.

We also offer 4cm Thickness Shelves with a strong timber bracket included in the price. These can be installed into plasterboard or solid walls with ease – just let us know where you’ll be installing them so that we can give you the correct fittings. Why not get in touch with Shelfdirect today to find out more about our popular, reliable and affordable floating shelves?